Author Topic: Please help, Marlin 3dtouch trianglelab problems in Artillery Sidewinder X1 v4  (Read 356 times)


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Hello everyone, let's see if you can help me please, I have placed a Trianglelab brand 3dtouch in my Artillery Sidewinder X1 v4. I have installed Marlin and I have made the autolevel, it does it only in the center, the first four prints have gone well, but the fifth one has left the 3dtouch at half height on the z axis and it gave me an M999 error. I do not know exactly what happens but I think it is from the firm that does not work for me for this Trianglelab 3dtouch.
I ask you please if you can help me by passing me the correct marlin for this 3dtouch.
Thank you so much.