Author Topic: Artillery Sidewinder X1 12v or 24v  (Read 742 times)


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Artillery Sidewinder X1 12v or 24v
« on: February 25, 2021, 07:51:43 AM »
Hello community. Please excuse my ignorance but I am pretty new to the 3d world.  I have the Artillery Sidewinder X1 printer and from what I have printed so far, I like it but I am running into some issues.  I am thinking I should upgrade the hotend with a Volcano or the like but I see different types. I am in the States and the printer is 110v.  How do I know if I have a 6v, 12v or 24v hotend? Or is the hotend voltage specific to itself meaning it will draw more power to support itself? 
I have been having serious extruder problems.  I have printed PLA kind of successfully but as soon as I put ABS in, I totally fail.  I have raised the temperature of the hotend as well as the bed.  It just feeds in strings like a birds nest.  If I "help" extrude the filament, It comes out much more solid but still does not make any form of 3d print.
From the filament not sticking to the bed and being dragged around the bed to the bed having to be leveled every time.  I have already changed the springs under the bed to silicone and I also found the support under the bed was not level (which I fixed. The position 3 arm was bent down lower than the other 4 points)  I am in the process of installing the BLTouch but need 1 M3 screw and nut.  Ugh!


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Re: Artillery Sidewinder X1 12v or 24v
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2021, 03:35:02 PM »
Hi, the hotend is 24v rated, its the PSU that you flick the switch to 110v, all the electronics still work at 24v.

Printing ABS requires an enclosed chamber really. You will be able to print small items but anything bigger than say 40mm x 40mm then it will start lifting at the corners.  Also, ABS requires something like 240c nozzle and 100c bed.