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3DUK Chitchat / Layer shifting?
« on: December 29, 2019, 01:53:07 PM »
Hi all, I took the plunge with a pretend prusa mk3s.

Purchased everything for my sons's Christmas present, all in all the printer looks good and it makes reasonable prints when it doesn't decide to layer jump. It appears to be jumping in just the y axis. The items i have failed on are a PSU holder and benchy.  I have managed to print a couple of items successfully 2 legs for a spool holder, a simple box with with no bottom of top and the lid which was intended for the PSU holder. I have tried the following things to try and rectify it:

- Adjusted the y belt - was quite tight so have loosened it
- Installed heatsinks on stepper chips as the kit i purchased come with them but i didn't install them when building.
- Run 3 different print setting off prusaslicer for the PSU housing. including a modified print settings with 130mm/s travel.

It appears to be happening at a hops between printing points on the layer. I have attached some images and a video of when it happened, it sounds like a belt jump but im struggling to rectify it. Any help from anyone would much appreciated as i really don't know where to go to next?

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