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3DUK Chitchat / Hello from Chicago!
« on: May 08, 2019, 10:04:09 AM »
Thanks for creating this site.  Looks very well designed and a clean layout.  I am interested to see what others are doing, and hopefully this community will continue to grow over time.

I have a real Prusa MK3 (soon to be an MK3s, parts sitting on my workbench) that I built from a kit as well as a clone that I made.  The clone is an MK2.5s that works great.  I bought some Prusa motors I found online and purchased the MK2 to MK2.5s upgrade and frame directly from Prusa.  I purchased the board from UltiMaker because I am concerned about running that much current through something made in China.  I’ll post some images, and video, when I get home tonight.

I just finished printing the parts for my second clone this past weekend and will begin to assemble it this weekend.  The goal of this second one is to use all non-Prusa parts.  The frame is wood, and the motors are generic.  I will use an UltiMaker board, even though it’s about twice the price as a Chinese clone.  I also purchased the extruder from Bondtech, with the motor.  I looked at the teeth of the Chinese extruder parts and was concerned, to say the least.  Total cost for this one is about $450 (not sure what that is in pounds or euros.). I know I could get it under $300, but I also want something that works (and not catch on fire.)

Additionally, I have a modified Ender 3 Pro with direct drive and an MKS Gen L board with 2100 drivers.  Works well, but I am intrigued about making this into a Prusa Clone as well.  Maybe this fall, hate to be indoors much during the very brief summers here!

Thanks for the work of putting this site together, and hopefully this community will continue to grow.  I am looking forward the ideas of others, and more than willing to share my experiences as well.  As I always tell people when I teach them how to brew beer, “success is a poor teacher.”  This is true for 3D printing, and very true for going off road building Prusa clones!


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